We do not only deliver you the technology

We also take care, we unburden.


We will create the storylines. We unburden. With content that matters. An online story, which invites interaction. So you will be liked, get more followers, increases the response, build a fan base and therefore generate more revenues.

Video Production

We take care of the professional production of your video’s at a competitive rate. We share your video’s on social media and stream them to any location in the world on any device. We help creating sales kits and brand guidelines to strengthen your brand identity.


Has the content gone viral? Together we monitor all the results. Based on analysis, dashboards and reports. What is going well? Where are the opportunities? We evaluate and make a plan for a next video or post. In short: together we get the max out of it.

Ad revenue does not make up for the time that it takes to create professional video’s with good storylines.

“If you love what YouTubers make with what they earn, imagine what amazing things they could make with direct consumer revenues. It’s all about empowering established artists, online publishers, major brands and charities. You focus on what you do best. To publish stories your users love. To do more awesome stuff and to make higher production value content. We take care of everything else. Without any compromise!”

Management Team

Our company has been founded by seasoned media executives who successfully developed product innovation strategies for companies within the global entertainment industry. All exploring new markets like over-the-top video. They have developed strategic partnerships with companies like Apple, Google, Roku, HBO, Netflix, Fox Sports and almost all international Broadcasters. They’ve managed businesses poised for growth and start-ups requiring innovative leadership.

  • Xander Czaikowski
    Xander Czaikowski Co-founder
  • Evert Larooi
    Evert Larooi Co-Founder
  • Arnoud Lips
    Arnoud Lips Global Marcom Director
  • Ferry Hoppener
    Ferry Hoppener Creative Director

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